Roxanne Starr

''Maleek definitely has a passion for photography...he takes amazing shots and has excellent editing skills. He is very professional and makes sure you get exactly what was requested of him. Great photographer who delivers great pictures in the highest quality.''

Amanda Reid

''Maleek is an excellent photographer who makes the people around him feel relaxed and almost like they've known him forever. His work is great. Attitude is great. Professionalism is fantastic.''

Ryan Bhola

''Great Photos, great style and technique.
I am grateful for your advice and suggestions and hope one day we can work together.''

Rebecca Deen

''Maleek was professional and on point with all of our pictures. He made sure he got everyone and took pictures in different backgrounds. The pictures came out great! Thanks so were a blast to work with!''

Rocko Chung

''Great photos from a great photographer what more can I say?''

Sherrie Chattarpaul

''A testimonial is long overdue......I must say I'm very pleased with Maleek's work and his attitude towards his passion for photography. The end product was very good, I'm pleased. He was also very easy to work with and willing to do whatever was asked of him. I highly recommend Maleek's Photography because he listens to your needs and does what he says he was going to do. Thanks again Maleek for a job well done!!''

Saad Mohamed

''I've witness Maleek grow in the photography industry, and each step he took he was becoming better, now when i look at some of his photos i can not believe its the same guy. Maleek definitely thrives on his passion of photography. He's definitely your guy.''

Bruce Bachan

''Always a pleasure working with you and you're heading in the right direction. We'll be doing lots of business in the near future. Keep up the good work.''

Kofi Cox

Great shooting with you. fast, professional, proficient.

Alysha Singh

Thank you soo much! You are amazing at what you do and I admire your humbleness. Definitely going to contact and recommend you if my dance school, family or friends need a photographer. Keep up the good work ill more than likely run into you again at some event! lol

Rabina Khan

there are not enough words to thank Maleek for capturing my special day ; the memories you have created with your talent is phenomenal . you are absolutely amazing at what you do

Fazia Rafikalli     It gives me great pleasure writing this feedback/review for Maleek. In the short few hours that we spent doing our engagement photo shoot gave me the opportunity to get to a know a really awesome, fun spirited person :)
Maleek helped my fiance and I to create exactly what we had in mind for our engagement photo shoot #1. I felt very confident in his skills and his passion for photography which led to creating amazing photos for us with great direction, his outgoing personality and patience. As a result my fiance and I both felt very comfortable to be ourselves and had alot of fun!!
I am very excited to continue working with you Maleek and can't wait for our future photo shoots, we will continue to recommend you to our family and friends :)
Thank you very much for helping to create such fun and meaningful pictures, as well as for sharing your passion with us :)

Aisha Salim Islam — As i was viewing this Page i noticed that Maleek photography is improving and becoming more and more better and just love this page because you get to see different taken different places you kind of have a understanding of how toronto looks like and how well it has improved and also wishing u maleek all the best in life keep up with the fabulous work

Trisha Armogan — Great person and great personality . Just like him, he shows great dedication and poise in his photograph and you can really see it through his picture. Amazing person + amazing photos can't beat that